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retro Dope. I’ve linked you in insta as brapp on shut down soon. One love. RETRO @retro_da_original

dr9p3x @retro cheers. Linked you back on there. Peace.

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_hansolo_ London


mcase Brapp is shutting down :(( email for collabs x

mcase @_hansolo_ x

emonthebeat There is another 2 apps similar : Speazie and Bandlab for collabs

liluzivert Im going to sign you

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_hansolo_ London
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lazemz cool !

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lastdisciple fyreee!!!


jackiebond Muurrrrdah!

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shubzmusic big upps fam , bars !

shadez Safe bro!!

wrdy Sick my g !

natalie Yes I like this one !! Big !!!

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subtraxmusic Cambridge

subtraxmusic Props to the producer

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bl4ckp4rk Yoo ya

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djevidenz Killed it bro

lukefluency Mighty

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djevidenz Major big up bro, thanks for hitting up@one of the beats on here before it all goes down

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ricciraw Irkutsk

Second record, freestyyyle on da phone
Beat by dagonzasound
Wow, amazing app & amazing beatmakers. Thx for sound bro


ricciraw @dagonzasound

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Beat by drzygote
Shout out Illaman for the tag, @datavelli you up! #BRAPPTAG


jmanbabylondead @datavelli on too you g!

jfield Smashing it fam! Just on the bus jamming to this aha

illaman Boyyyyyyy

foreignbeggars strong

nikimukhi Sickkk


debbie Woooooooo!!

datavelli Aight aight!

raad dope

danielvillegas dag, fast flow, nice


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lomar Njeru