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timeoutbeats Hahah real talk

dustyvibes93 want to collaborate ?

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Beat by gwop
One last Brapp. One last freestyle. Thanks to the makers of Brapp. Niki you’re a legend! To all the creators and... read more


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jimiriddlz @tomcaruana #superfunky

challis_uk Big!

golddubs Sick flow! Hype!!

lowlife I like this man !!

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deefoc Sydney
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raad this is dope

slendstherapper Jheeeze, actual fire bro! Damn

ainaroxx Love this.


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aspect Sommelsdijk

aspect Nice beat

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nikimukhi Secret Solstice Festival

sicksixetbeats easy now....finna go iceland


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charlieb Yeah!

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hotface Redbox


hotface Wow appreciate the love my G

francoisreinke Oh wow ya

logan So easy with itvibe

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hollyflo @saulthesame

hollyflo LOL at the thumbnail

polymath This is hard @hollyflo

jazzychavo smooth and hard at the same time! aa yeee!

raj wow......

budhoundz Yo this is sick

tigerlight Love your lyrics and style sister

hollyflo @tigerlight thanks sis your voice is heavenly

illdando that was DOPE! Wicked flow

hollyflo thanks @illdando ! I've been following you for a while you dope

mrripley Intrinsick

illdando Props! Always good to hear folk feeling what I do ;D would be great to get you on a track!

hollyflo @illdando Ah mate I'd love that!

illdando Nice one! Il message you on soundcloud and get a beat sent over soon!

im_floki that voice..... you can rap boom bap stylesssss i love it @hollyflo DOPE

trickzy Love your style like a uk lauren hill almost. Went in @hollyflo

zarahjones Go on gal!

monsieureone Dopeness !!

mediadivision прекрасный голос..

demolee love it

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timeoutbeats Haha dope, nice frees!! Big ups to the future Brapp star too


ainaroxx @timeoutbeats yep.. she’s already trying.. it’s so cute!!

lhanzebeats Freshhhh!!!!!!

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longblu @funtcaseuk massive beat!! Smashed this @anime

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aunty_roo_420 Birmingham

bigshamu This is dope!

aunty_roo_420 @bigshamu thank you the beat is

mckillerpagan Love this. . Have u got a Facebook ect too?

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ptredeyez Dirttyy!!! Big up man!!

zico Cheers geezer!

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nuriel Exeter
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shayd Big up @funtcaseuk

funtcaseuk Yes shayd, went in!!!

freestylearmani On dis ting #fire

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milver Nice verse man.


viciouscreep doope!!!

iamlinguistics @milver thank you bro

iamlinguistics @raad

iamlinguistics @viciouscreep safe geez!

bee Such truth in this! Love it


rebelaca Very nice g

iamlinguistics @bee @starseedbeats @tigerlight @rebelaca thank you

engineercooks DOPE. peep the beats.

geebag you smashed it! Nice flow

bgfrecords Dope stuff! We want to bring you some value, DM us on insta @bgfrecords!

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dubbzy Yeah g

nifty One love yo! Bless for the support @sim @dubbzy

dubbzy Say nuttin man standard you got bars

nifty My g!

sim I second dubbzy

nato Dunno #ateam

maceymonei dope!


hayleybailey Yes Nifty!

nifty One love for the feedback people @hayleybailey

lebowskybaby Real bars

nifty @lebowskybaby one love my g

slyableton Awesome, deep that mate. Great to hear it

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tywhite Pittsburgh
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aunty_roo_420 Birmingham

Let the time go by
Beat by nonsprod
Lovely little summer beat from @nonsprod


emonthebeat smooth beat and voice....

aunty_roo_420 @emonthebeat thank you x

bigmungz You are incredible

nonsprod really nice

aunty_roo_420 @bigmungz big ups

aunty_roo_420 @nonsprod thanks love the track - so tropical


aunty_roo_420 @timeoutbeats


aunty_roo_420 @raad thanks

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zico Newcastle upon Tyne
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lazemz tight !