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Brapp Music Video by @rix: "Me and my boy"

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User @rix's avatar
rix Swindon

rkivemusic yes man! you and your boy got bars!

rix Cheers man he's 7 next week and your beat is sick his words

nikimukhi Yes sickkkk!!

evon it

subtraxmusic Father and son awesome !!! Got boys of my own that's the aim right there!!

rix @subtraxmusic thanks man

bigg22 little man smashed it big up rix crew can't test the small guy he got bars

putitonline Sick nice one bro love it

quantumatics Awesome!!!

raad dope

jordantwin Wicked bro

isaintjames oiiii

beeunreal Radical little G!

sa Dope !!! Big up

eternal510 Awesome flow

xseventysix Dope shit man!!!!

djteeoh fire!!

mcyt That's big

rix @4evablessed thanks my son ain't too bad either lol no but really thank you

biskone This is gold

rkivemusic @brapp need to make this into one of your HD vids

_chillmode_ That's wassup

nobez_sn Gwarn

thafamilia Big tings