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May The Force Be With You
Beat by sustance
What happens when you're left on your own in a hotel room for time.. #roguejedi #d&b #force #drum&bass #jedi... read more


sophiejade You're lame fam

visionobi @sophiejade haha where are your bars then? ;-) X

sophiejade @visionobi let's do a bars-off exclusive to brapp yeh? Will beat yo ass

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Witness the wasteness..
A rework of the Roots Manuva classic.. I wrote this about 3 years ago on my phone whilst managing a pub in... read more


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rdangemc Kipper

visionobi Ah the kip Brear!

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visionobi @knrs as requested bruvva!

knrs Yes yes bruva!! Big shout! You went in!!

visionobi Big up for the best :-) sick!!!

visionobi *beat - stupid autocorrect!

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4a4 Big up

verse1 Sick out there in the galaxy with u

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foreignbeggars Yes yes visionobizzle inside

visionobi Eeeeaaaaaasy!! Sick app guys!! :-)