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dubble_ggg Kel kel kel kel sqwaaaaaad

ricksta Sick! Check my beats bro im sure you will nice them up

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vitaminggg @lrd

raad He's back

browne bangggg

harvsletoad oiiii

harvsletoad only jus clocked this jhuzzz

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kyu_tracks Nice

timeoutbeats That was dope! Much love for blessing the beat

dubble_ggg Safe guys and no worries great instrumental donnie glad u liked it... #GGG

vitaminggg #TEAMDIRTBAG

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thebreaks dope

harvsletoad Woo

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mkozi yeesh A+


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ptredeyez Yes yes!

vitaminggg @ptredeyez glad u feeling it , go GETEM

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crossy Big up!!

viciouscreep poooow!!!

lrd Big

slyq niceee

harvsletoad jheeeeze

harvsletoad EA dons

vitaminggg Saaafe y'all

gowsk_nw Flows my g

benza LOVE that flow , LOVE the vocab! Just...SICK! Big ups bro


manrey big up man! listen my boombap instrumental

budhoundz maaaad

hollyflo yup

foreignbeggars Badman

joeshire Thas jus naaaaaaaaaaasty

vitaminggg Haha respect famz

sweetblackfeel Oooooophh

smog jheeeeeaz!!!! fire g

kaligrafi dope verse g!

kaligrafi dope verse g!

treethousand So good

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viciouscreep Sittin On a park bench, listening to this :) lit

vitaminggg @viciouscreep hahah , safe man!

budhoundz Sounding sick man!!!

raad legit

lrd Big

slyq nice man!! big respect

vitaminggg @steezymcgee bless bro, nuff love peeps!

twiggzggg your such a little cunt...

vitaminggg @twiggzggg butfuckit .no homo.

harvsletoad Kipper gang!

harvsletoad Illeh

sksjdj Bitch

vitaminggg @tramer Que?

sksjdj FUCK YOU maricon fag

sksjdj Salute my Bitch :)

vitaminggg @tramer think ur confused puto

vitaminggg @graciegrey whatever floats ur goat ;)

mvr lllooooolll ummbbrroo


madengo @vitaminggg serious illness yo! killer flo, strong messages - mad propers

vitaminggg @alexnstewart @illiterate_ safe as fuk, appreciated!

madengo Notathing bro - creditgivenwheredue

hank_hiller Yeah killer

harvsletoad U got a funny walk mate

slyq Was cool to see you on stage at boombap mate good set well done

mrslipz Fire man hope u enjoyed the sun