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weaver Bristol


shapeshifter Flames

budabapbeats Real lyrics! Thanks for blessing the beat

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timeoutbeats Dope! Big ups for jumping on the beat

weaver @timeoutbeats safe bro, it's a niceee beat

beeunreal Sick!! Nice words. Youโ€™re 19?!!!!!

weaver @beeunreal thank you yeah I am haha

beeunreal @weaver Youโ€™re rad!

musicubes Really good. I would be up to work with you. There an email I can reach you at?

weaver Thanks man, yeah the email is:

musicubes I emailed you a beat preview

ericofficialz Check my page for trackz

musicubes hey try out my beats bro

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kazuo if you have time listen my beats page ty

onkgusd DOPE ! :)

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leonfyah Yo breddda try one of my beats out see wah ya depp on big respect this is hard

weaver @foreignbeggars

mowgli_beats This is sick b real flow, got some beats if ur in need

weaver @skins_beats yea man I'll check em out. Thanks a lot g

weaver @leonfyah I'll have a look now g, safe for that man

mowgli_beats Keep putting out them heaters

leonfyah @weave bless up g new tracks up soon too

fy_knight Good stuff! Now pick one of mine and do the same! @weaver

onkgusd You're a young killer ! great flow

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raad Oh my this fire

nato Fire your flow sick man

jdanproductions Gah damn fire fam

dirtybuckle Dope flow!



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illuminative Nice flow

illuminative N lyrics

weaver Safe mannn! Your bars are hard too! @mchedges

illuminative Big ups man got some new ones on there soon peace

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raad OG vibes

lowpitch @raad respect g

weaver This is hard g

nevahrest cool

lowpitch @weaver @nevahrest safe my g's

weaver No worries man, you got a soundcloud??

lowpitch @weaver na man not got round to making one yet, I'll probs get on it this weekend n get some shit on there. I'll give u a follow when I'm on bruv

weaver Yea safe g, let me know when you got some shit up on there man.

lowpitch Calm g will do @weaver

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jaymilky010 Welcome to use my beats g

weaver Safe man I'll Check em out

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djevidenz Big up, sick flow

weaver Safe mannn @djevidenz

lowpitch Flows haaaard on this

weaver Sounnnnd g @cryogenik