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oab uuuuhhhooooo!! yeas wheelz, blessed the beat, disco inferno steez!

missmiakang You're amazing!

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cecilmcfarrell When I reach the end of the road I'll leave the motorway. I fucked up

saulthesame Big up gee! @cecilmcfarrell

cecilmcfarrell Nice one man @saulxl . I've just written this for a live project but this beat would be dope for a remix.

oab bing bing!

mrversatilemind the main man VO !

cecilmcfarrell @oab @mrversatilemind Respect yo.

mrversatilemind Daz , let's do something , @hirollabeats @ninthletta #bringbackDBD!

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mcsubliminal Keep doin your thing cuz

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saulthesame yess bruh! dope

gramsofdroe Feelin ya wheelz.. Real bars G. Brapp Attackin!

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timeoutbeats Nice one bro! Much love for blessing the beat

wheelz Jheez!

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illuminative Sick bro

illuminative Can you repost my new video, I changed the beat on it and re uploaded!

casablanca Dope brother, thanks for blessing the beat!

missmiakang Love this

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stack_humble The 'instinct' and 'Neo' bars were harrrd !!

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crss One up dude! Dope!

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missmiakang Yes guy! I'm such a fan, keep going!

wheelz ThanX

casablanca Yes wheelz!

oab i feelz ya weelz! check out @missmiakang honey hot, she's abit shy but one day i'm sure she'll set up with some bars

missmiakang @oab hahaha. Fuck yeah I'm gonna rap. You have no idea what's comin


newancients Hot Wheelz! Yeah man good stuff.

lastdisciple dope fam