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Liam Wish Kole

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Another one
Beat by djevidenz
#mpc #realrap# boombap#hiphop


wish @djevidenz check this one

lrd Dope. Check me out bro. We gotta get something done

wish I got drop box hit me up with couple and can get cracking

djevidenz Yes man. Big up. Merking the flow tiaras the end then

wish @lrd sent my email

lrd @wish sent.

wish @lrd can't see the link

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foreignbeggars Yes don

wish Respect famo

lrd Killed it. We gotta work bro. Check my page!

wish Defo @lrd I'm check that

lrd 👊🏻

percyfilth Yes homie. Thank's for the bless.

djevidenz Big man !!!!

wish @djevidenz soon bless one yours

kyu_tracks 🔥 👊 Dope!

djevidenz Thanks brother, that would be heavy

raad 👊🔥

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percyfilth Nooooice one Wish. Dope.

raad 👊🔥

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lrd This is 🔥🔥🔥. Gotta get you on one of my beats

wish @lrd get at me cuz

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