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lrd Sick

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ricksta You killed this bro. Big ups!

vibes This is sick!! Top work


bricks gheeeeeeeeeeez

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Sk!tz Beatz 'DE JA VU'
Spray on this beat for a chance to go in the studio with Skitz Beatz and film a music video with director Icey!... read more


jdotake I done freestyle to this a quick ting. Giving my self a 2/10 for effort with a 10/10 flow

gscripts i wil get on this. beats too low when recording tho...cant hear it properly

jdotake Earphones

yellzmar I done one

blksn Where I can find this beat???

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kashmirs Nicest

yellzmar Hard

unbalanced Big up @kashmirs @rowdyyells. Would love to hear some bars on it

kashmirs I got few beats, let me know what ya think. Big up. @unbalanced

rendola nice

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foreignbeggars Fammo you know you can flip on beats from the app as well.. Check out @skinzman

foreignbeggars @skinzmann and @ukdistinction @plastician @terrordanjah

yellzmar @foreignbeggars I know but was just messing in the studio

foreignbeggars Gwaan cuz!!

ukdistinction Big mate! Check what I put up be good to hear u spin 1 of my beats!