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@yoits3030's cover photo on Brapp.
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hank_hiller Haha what's brappenin

silverback Yes bro!

ghosttownbeats holla for beats kiiiiid :)

deadott Illness


drsyntax Wooooo! Too slic

matrafle This beat was too ill!


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foreignbeggars Yes Jaz.. At @dagnabbit's wedding just watched that ill

jazkahina Jokes! Safe, tell him congrats!

dosgringos Fire bars

illaman Brap brap


ky_official Yh man

trauma74 Dope...check my beats .you'll kill them.

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urbannerds Yuuuup

deadott Heavyweight!!!!

j69 Thanks for the support!!


3000bass Oi oi

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dosgringos Awesome

mojo wooo

kasandajulah Mad!

wesallen Lovely

mental_music Super smooth

eightysix LOVE THIS VIBE .

mczani Wooooioii

genghisdaze Ghost town baby

doncotti good stuff bruva

oab bangra

3000bass Biggup

eightysix Still the biggest sound on BRAPP

matrafle @kogzone

osirus wow...

osirus cant rate this enough..!

raad so good

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jyager You're amazing

jyager Big up @alia this is dope

jyager @alia email me on the email that's on my page..

hank_hiller Dope!

babasnook Love it

firedog nice voice!!! would like to hear you flow it a bit differently :P <3

whiteyboymush Nice

ninthletta holy shit you got skills!

vicebeats dope as ever Alia!

duggibeats jheez!

alphamemphis im diggin this sound for real !!!

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jyager Love this

cobes Jheeze!!!

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evalazarus jheeeeeeeeeeez

djevidenz Grime ain't my ting, but can't lie, that was flow !


phoebeirondread @djevidenz bless up yo! And @evalazarus Nuff love as always sis x

cobes Irondready!! Dem nah ready!!!

gardna Nang


dsgryme Feelin it

tnrt Flames!!! check me out for fresh grime beats

keiosxlek good flooow

dotgotbeats Dope Flow

nebula_beatz Incredible !! Check my profil

specialists Dope, feelin the flows Miss!

techno12345 Yeeeeaaaaa good Stuff brutal

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blacksmith Big ups - you smashed it!

nikimukhi Awesome!!

yoits3030 Awesome!!!

spaceplant Killer

foreignbeggars You killin em baby

elbs Amazing voice

djevidenz Great !

raad Incredible

si_phili Beautiful voice.

jyager "you got it" amazing

vicebeats This is so nice Alia!

tomcaruana Sounds great


natasha so turned on right now..

nikimukhi @nidkid x

babasnook Go girl, mashallah beautiful voice

jimmydubplate Pure talent. The sky is the limit.

fdot1 BIG!!!

offthericta Holy fucking goosebumps you are absolutely incredible!!

nikimukhi @manlikejon tap the beat icon in the top right to see the beat any video is made on... This particular beauty is by a dude called @blacksmith

blacksmith @nikimukhi @manlikejon

oab Wow <3

since I like that facts

rebelaca pretty cool dude...

quantumatics Nice nice, feel like collabing?

alphamemphis very nice voice

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jyager Ooooo this is trill...

mczani So sick mec

mjfpmusic Le boss est la !!!!

oh_hello Yasss homie

metropolis Killerrrrrr

wayneross Dutty

yoits3030 Wow!!!!

foreignbeggars @rahelonline

foreignbeggars @rosesgabor

foreignbeggars @ro

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nikimukhi Jumeirah Road

nikimukhi @dyna sup baby

dyna @nikimukhi @foreignbeggars Pow pow pow!!!!!

adibanti Live bars!!!!

skitz That fuckin made me laugh bro..

bess Yaya!!

tinks Brill-i-ant!! Made me smile, playing on repeat on my way home tonight. Love xx

troublebcn #jumeiraRdsquad


johaslett Ohhhhkay! love to nik! #foreignbeggars

johaslett Love this brapp!

adibanti There are plenty more beats where that cane from xx

elbs Haha pavvvvvvv

hoyx Best!

flack Fyahhh fam

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foreignbeggars Blam! UK, TRINIDAD & SUDAN on the same track.. #brapplife #maximum

nikimukhi Yes!! @natasha @raad

yoits3030 Hahaaaa sickkkk

samjusnow Yes!! Rispek king!


heartspare FOYA !

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jyager Siiiiiiiiiiiiccccccckkkkkkkkkk.. Love this

jyager This beats gangsta

genghisdaze Fat

blksn Wow

krupa Oh my

sophiejade Sick