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djhugo This is sick!

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foreignbeggars Ooiii selec!! I Flippin love this tune b..

zedbias Come wid it!! ;)

foreignbeggars @lavilesings @adibanti @graziella @lovenormoney @danger @hoyx @mcjumanji @iamfredcox

3000bass Stone Cold Classic

trol23 Play this ALL the time, went down well at the party this weekend just gone as it goes

adibanti Just did a sax solo over it! #vibes aha

sosouthern Absolute riddim

zulu_sr Lit!!!

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sosouthern Jheeez

jyager @storminmc yes brooski

polonis yessss

zedbias Yes bruv!

trinkkets yeeman

3000bass Yep!

dreadmc That was vibez

challis_uk Blam! That was sick man!

grimtimez Bap bap pull up!!

ricksta yes stormin! holla for beats bro. blessings

zarahjones boom!

ludwigvandub yeaaaaaa

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jyager @zedbias I love this

challis_uk Big riddim!

citizenk @zedbias I'm linking SIMBA & JUICEMAN today try a get juice on here