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mkthesensaigora Oiiiiiiii

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zulu_sr Jheez

mkthesensaigora My g ! Beats fore g would love to bless the proper ting holla ! @Zulu _sr

zulu_sr Yeah hit me up on twitter g and we can pattern something! Twitter: @zulu_sr

mkthesensaigora Say nothing my brother !!

raad Boom

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mkthesensaigora Yes g any chance I could use this full beat ? Check me out online MK FRB would be a pleasure to work wid ya bless @ricksta

ricksta @mkthesensaigora fam how have i just seen this? Lol yea no problem, drop your email i will get it over to you. Or dm me on twitter @RickstaProducer. Respect for the love g

mkthesensaigora Yo fam my email is @RickstaProducer

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foreignbeggars Ooiii selec!! I Flippin love this tune b..

zedbias Come wid it!! ;)

foreignbeggars @lavilesings @adibanti @graziella @lovenormoney @danger @hoyx @mcjumanji @iamfredcox

3000bass Stone Cold Classic

trol23 Play this ALL the time, went down well at the party this weekend just gone as it goes

adibanti Just did a sax solo over it! #vibes aha

sosouthern Absolute riddim

zulu_sr Lit!!!

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